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Riley – An Intimate Portraiture Story


I should probably start by explaining as to why I call my boudoir work intimate portraiture. It was an incredibly intentional choice of wording on my part. Before I embarked into this medium I always felt confused about the meaning behind boudoir. To me it evokes imagery of thigh highs, stilettos, strappy lingerie and provocative posing. More importantly it reeks of portraiture captured through the male gaze. And for me that just didn’t fit my vision so I set the intention of creating purposeful, tasteful and artistic imagery on the basis of helping women see the beauty and power within themselves.

With each session and new client connection I am in awe of the growing confidence, realization of potential and expression of natural sexuality that unfolds in front of me. What I didn’t expect through this endeavour was my own journey of self actualization. As a result, after a session I would find myself staring  in the mirror a little longer, dancing around the kitchen, shaking my hips and overall just feelin’ myself. It seems being around powerful, self assured women is truly inspiring and contagious!

I’m so excited to share one of my favourite intimate portraiture sessions with Riley. We first met when she modelled for a styled wedding session I had put together. With her sarcastic humor, and fun-loving personality she literally breathes fresh air into the room. It was time for her to hang up her white dress and take some time away from her fake groom and find herself.

“I have always had issues with my body; I have struggled for a long time with self-love and confidence and over the last little while I have been growing and developing into the woman I want to be. I have been feeling more empowered and comfortable in my own skin”

“For the most part I chose a lot of vintage items that were special to me. Ones I never get to put on even though they make me feel good about myself. I wanted to be able to have those items in memories and since wearing them and being appreciated in them I have developed a new love for myself and how I look and feel when I wear them!”

As we bounced around the studio, Riley in amazing vintage lingerie and her mothers silk robe, we caught up on life and love. Free of inhibitions and insecurity. What strikes me most about Riley is the zest for life she carries. You know that friend who is always down for spontaneous road trips and late night chats? Thats what hanging out with Riley feels like, even the simplest things become fun.

And that’s why empowering women to be the most authentic, best, most intimate versions of themselves is the most fulfilling creative experience not just for them but also, me.





Riley – An Intimate Portraiture Story

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