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Brittany + Nick – A Spring Banff Wedding

A spring wedding in the mountains can be a bit of a gamble. You run the risk of rain or snow anytime from March to June, but if you’re brave enough to trust in mother nature you will be rewarded with wildflower fields, less busy streets and crisp warm nights. And Brittany and Nick received just that when they tied the knot at the end of March at the Moose Hotel and Suites and Park Distillery in Banff.

Brittany and Nick’s love story starts off as all good stories in Alberta do – at the Calgary Stampede. Brittany came down from Edmonton and was showing her friend visiting from Toronto all that the wild west had to offer when her friend swiped right on Nick while browsing Brittany’s Bumble. Even though Brittany had no intentions on connecting with anyone from Calgary that week, Nick stood out and so she shot him a short and simple “Hi” which was all Nick needed to get the ball rolling.

After two weeks of chatting and a little persistence from Nick, they agreed to meet in the middle of Edmonton and Calgary and had their first date at Sylvan Lake. Their connection was instant and they quickly became the best of friends, talking all night. And their connection continued as they saw each other each weekend until Nick finally moved up to Edmonton that same winter to be together.

For Brittany and Nick, bringing their families together and ensuring everyone had a great time not just for the wedding day but for the weekend was their top priority. Brittany’s family came down from Edmonton, including her twin sister and her three super cute nephews. While Nick’s family travelled from Newfoundland to celebrate with ice skating and some epic dancing.

After the formalities of a long day theres nothing quite like completely letting loose on the dance floor. And I’ve come to find that I absolutely adore seeing my couples bust out their best moves! I’ve seen flips during a first dance, sweet father daughter moments and some wild mother son dances. And Brittany and Nick’s dance floor was full of amazing moments. Just check out these reception photos to see the dances that stole the show.

Congratulations to these two!





Brittany + Nick – A Spring Banff Wedding

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