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Caitlin + Tyler Barrier Lake Engagement

When I first received a message from Caitlin and Tyler that they wanted to leave their cozy home in California to come up to Canada, in January to get married in the snow – despite never being here, I was instantly in.

One of my favourite things about having beautiful Banff in my back yard is all the amazing people I get to meet that come to visit this breathtaking place. Playing tour guide for me is always a good time. I get to see the same old places through new eyes and it truly helps me appreciate it all.

So when Caitlin + Tyler told me they were coming to visit this September I absolutely had to take them to one of my favourite spots – Barrier Lake. I immediately fell in love with their laid back nature and quirky sense of humor. We bounced back and forth between intimate romantic moments and wild dance breaks. Finally ending the session in the chilly lake at Caitlin’s request and Tylers brief hesitation. I could not be more excited for their new years vows!





Caitlin + Tyler Barrier Lake Engagement

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