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Plan Your Perfect First Look

That first look with your best friend is arguably the most emotionally charged 10 minutes of your wedding day. The nerves and anticipation of the morning seems to just melt away once you’re with your person. Here’s some tips to ensure your first look is everything it is meant to be:


The first look should take place directly after you slip your dress on and you’ve finished getting ready. I like to allot about 10 minutes specifically for the first look so you have lots of time to gush and cuddle together. One of the many reasons people opt for a first look is the freedom it allows within your timeline! Let’s roll with the feel good vibes right into couples portraits.


The best spot for your first look will be tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the day. Remember, this moment is just for the two of you and the most genuine emotions will flow more freely if you don’t feel inhibited by being the centre of attention. Collaborate with your photographer and choose a spot with soft lighting and a bit of room to move around.


The big question is how are you actually going to see each other for the first time? Will you go with the classic shoulder tap? Or perhaps a fun loving game of guess who is more your style. This is where you can get creative, sentimental, and choose whatever feels right for you. There are also some great alternative first look options such as a first touch around a corner, sharing a love letter back to back or swapping your first look to be with a parent or other important person instead. Check out some inspiration here.


The first look is truly one of the sweetest parts of the day. Savour it, embrace it and simply live in the moment. Photography for me, at this point, is secondary. I like to leave my first looks completely unprompted so that you can deeply experience and enjoy this occasion. Laugh, cry, hug, forget your photographer is even there and soak it all in. Forget the schedule and whats to come, in this second time is standing still just for you.


Don’t worry about how you look or what to do with your hands. Trust that your photographer has the pictures covered. The best photos will truly come from you being genuinely natural and candid. As your photographer you can also trust in me to offer suggestions on locations, timing and lighting – I am here for you!





Plan Your Perfect First Look

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