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// Intimate wedding, elopement and portraiture photography by Staci Mitchell. Located in the heart of the Alberta Rocky Mountains. Thriving on chai teas, fresh mountain air and genuine smiles. Let's be best friends and tell your intimate, wild, romantic adventure!



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I'm Staci!


I'm a hopeless romantic, love story collector, unapologetic Bachelor fan and being a professional third wheel is my jam! I am married to the kindest and craziest man with whom I made a home out of a kitty and a Tinder love story. I believe that we were truly created for one another and I will continue to love him in every life we live. I read once that there is a parasite that cats carry that makes you more attracted to their smell so Im pretty sure I have that because nuzzling into warm kitty fur is my favourite thing in the whole world. Besides maybe a great chai tea latte.

 I am drawn to the laid back; barefoot brides with windblown hair, backyard receptions, handwritten vows and throw your head back laughs. I will start every session with a laugh and some slow jams. And most importantly I will let you know that this day isn't about me. You don't need to look at my camera or have to know what to do with your hands. I just want to capture those quiet moments, the hands in hair cant look away from you moments. I want to frolic in fields and stand atop of mountains. Run into the lake, roll in the grass and chase the sunlight as we chat for hours. I want to leave every session and every wedding with new best friends because I genuinely care about you and your story. Because of that, I promise I will do it justice. Sound good? Let's tell your intimate, wild, romantic adventure!

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